11 June 2010

Date with a cheepskate

I know she wont mind me calling her that cause were two peas in a pod! I got an email this morning from my best friend Tammy who insisted we go check out what was labeled as a garage sale. The few distant pictures were enticing to say the least. So she rang a sitter for her children, drove to my house and we hauled hot cross buns down the highway to the other side of town to make sure we didn't miss out!

She's gonna slap me around for this a little bit, I'm sure of it.  But don't worry about me, I can take her ;P
At first glance we were soooo excited to find this nest of treasure.

Until we took a closer look.  Then we realized she did exactly what we do! Finds it cheap and ugly, then sells it high and pretty lol.  It was still worth looking around for a little inspiration, she had some really beautiful stuff!

Doesn't this remind you a little of the bench I just made?

I was in love with this little cabinet.  It was full of shallow shelves, perfect for storing scrapbook paper =)

Another beautiful piece.

I'm pretty sure these were the supports for an old fireplace mantel.  What a creative idea to use them as book ends!

I loved this settee and mirror.  Just not in my price range.  All in all we drooled a bit, had some good conversation and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves before we were on our way.
We stopped by a few garage sales on our way home and I am happy to say I did not come home empty handed.

My $5 chair to go in my front room that will be paired with the one in this post, you may remember.

This little table was also $5.  I didn't zoom in on the detail, it's really rough around the edges and my chairs haven't been finished yet so I am waiting for close up.

I also scored this earlier in the week.  The door doesn't have a mirror any longer so I will put pleated fabric in there =)  This is what I'm working on right now.

And lastly this old naval officers chair. 

Hoping I can finish something over the weekend for you to see come Monday =)  Have a great weekend all!


Angie said...

LOVE that same cabinet!!! Glad you guys had fun!!! I know what you mean I NEED to get some stuff done to post on Monday as well!! ;)

Nikki@KreativeKnack said...

Well thanks to Ang...I'm here, she so right...you do great things over here...How fun...sometimes I just like to window shop...the rocking chair in that first pic was great! Can't wait to see how the armoir-ish piece you picked up turns out!

Sommer said...

Welcome Nikki and thank you! I have a bed/bench to finish today then I'm desperate to get back to the wardrobe, I can't wait to finish it =)

Cat@BudgetBlonde said...

Hey girl! Just saw you stuff over at Angie's Treasures blog and just wanted to stop in and say hey! Those garage sales look really awesome!

Linda @ Painted Whyte said...

Hey! I just found you from Angie's blog and have to say i am hooked after reading one post. We just don't have awesome garage sales like that here or maybe all the good stuff is already gone when i get there but i will be happy just looking at yours and Angie's finds! They are fantastic!!! Of coarse i became a follower because i just have to find out how all those pieces turn out. I'm sure they will be awesome!

Sommer said...

Welcome everyone! I'm so glad you all came over to check out my world. Linda don't be fooled, we have had many a bust with garage sales. I think we've deffinitely found that the older neighborhoods have more to offer. We both live in neighborhoods 20yrs new and seem to get lucky out here only about 10% of the time. I should write a post on finding treasure, honestly the best stuff I've found is at thrift shops!

Sandy said...

Here from Angie's blog & so glad to find you!
I've never seen stuff this great anywhere around here... I have a coffee table just like the one you have on here & Angie showed it painted black. What did you do to prepare it before painting it? Did you put polyurethane or something on it after painting? I'd love to know...

Sommer said...

Hi Sandy! Welcome =) I sanded the table down to bare bones. I know a lot of people will just prime and paint and forgo sanding but I like a nice clean canvas to work with. Then regardless of the type of wood beneath I use miniwax wood conditioner. If I have a nice sanded surface I will just paint, if it's discolored or anything other than perfect I prime first. I always poly when I'm finished. I use satin 99% of the time with my paint and poly. Hope that helps! One day I'll write a post about my techniques lol.

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