18 June 2010

The Sexy Beast Revealed

It's been long enough and you've all been so patient with me.  This was a huge project for me.  You'll see in the pictures it's still not finished.  I found this armoire on craigs list about a month ago and was told if it didn't sell she was mine.  So I waited and waited and finally got the email that I could get her!  I started working on her almost immediately.  It was tiresome and exciting all together.  This is the first piece of furniture I have ever painted aqua and Mr Garden is still getting used to it lol. 
So this poor thing came home after sitting in the rain in someones yard for who knows how long.  Then I had to drill out several of the screws that were stripped to get the doors off.  I had a frightening bug experience while tearing her limb from limb and a moth came at me like a bat out of hell!  You can read about that here if you don't know already.

I finally finished up her body and went back for paint for the doors and they were out.  I went back and checked a few times but nobody had placed the order for a new shipment.  So I drug her into the house doorless and once she was in place I sort of lost motivation to finish the doors and moved onto another project.  Okay fine... I admit it.  I lost all motivation!  If it wasn't for some fans on my facebook page I probably could have left her half finished for quite some time lol! 

But the paint finally came in, I bought it and forced myself to finish off the doors and now when I walk by I am so pleased with what I see.  Here she is formerly known as the "Green beast" before.  When I first brought her home, weary from the rain, ridden with bugs and spiders and desperately needing some attention. 

And here she is today, she now goes by the "Sexy beast"

She is actually brighter that she seems in the pictures.  Here is a close up of some of her detail.

Yes I know some of her decorative pieces on the door is missing.  I have to make a mold and try to replicate it.  I also need to cut some new shelves for the upper half that she didn't come with.  Oh stop your whining...She serves her purpose for now.

I'm super motivated to get my chairs reupholstered.  They will have black frames with black, white and grey damask fabric and aqua throw pillows to tie in the color from the armoire.

I have another project for you but I felt this one had been a long time coming so I should make it a post just for her debut =)


The Frugal Designer said...

yay its gorgeous! aren't you just smitten with her?

Angie said...

I'm in LOVE........ This Sexy Beast was well worth the wait!!!!!

Ruby said...

It is beautiful!!!!

Sommer said...

Yes I totaly love her and can't wait to finish teh chairs to go in that room as well. I really want to finish the mold for my broken decorative corner but I am happy with it for now. Thank you everyone =) For pushing me to finish her!

Viola said...

The green beast sure turned into a beauty!. I just love the color of your gorgeous girl. I can hardly wait to see the chairs and accessories you add to coordinate with her new dressing of aqua.

Ali@Honey and Maple Syrup said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog =)
This piece is so great! I love all the detail!

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