01 June 2010

Territory Days

If you've never worked a street fair you're missing out!  My parents own and operate an apiary.  For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a bee farm.  My folks have about 500 hives and they sell their honey to local businesses and work different fairs and events.  Occasionally they have a big event they need help with and I get to go along. 
When you attend a street fair as a patron it can be really fun, tasting all the different foods, thumbing through the handmade goods, listening to the local music.  But working the fair is priceless.  I cannot tell you how many people we come across that you would never in your life socialize with otherwise.  Crazy people, smart people, cute kids, bratty kids and some downright gross and weird people!

The day started out really windy and several vendors had trouble setting up their tents.

This was a fun dress shop I passed on my 2mi walk to find a Starbucks.  Don't mind the naked maniquin (not spelled like a mani/pedi) mannequins, this was still set up time that morning.

Also saw this on my walk for coffee, thought it was too funny!

Have you ever seen stilts like this before?  He was fun to watch.

Here is our tent full of honey, yum!

Nothing like a street fair to curb your baby fever =)  Isn't he cute?!

Some furry friends too!

This little lady was loving her taste of honey!

Remember I said weird?  Have you ever seen a little girl with a mohawk?

I don't know where they found their artists but I saw some amazing face paints!  Sometimes I wish I were young enough to still get away with this heehee!

These guys were right across the street from us and played the most beautiful music all day including unchained melody.

The other brother

I loved watching the kids go by on the barrel train all day.  Perfect way to spend part of my memorial day weekend.  What did you do?


Angie said...

Can't say that i've ever seen a little girl sporting a mohawk Until now! ;)

We just hung around the pool with the kids and did A LOT of painting ;)

Sommer said...

My kids saw our pool was open this weekend and have been begging to go. I'm sure we'll end up there this week =)

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