30 July 2010


You heard me, I quit.  I'm a quitter and I'm proud of it!  Today is my ten day anniversary of quitting smoking.  I know it doesn't seem like a lot to those of you who may have been smart enough never to start such a nasty habit but trust me... this is huge!  Huge enough that the community over at the Q have special virtual parties for such milestones.  If you are thinking about quitting, take it to the next level and stop by the Q where you can find support and encouragement.

Today I earn my quit socks for being "sober" for ten days.  Here is what I came up with.

Now I realize I could have gone crazy with creativity here... Originally I was thinking embroidery and actually going to buy a new pair of socks for this epic event.  Then I remembered... I'm a realist.  I didn't have the time to go into all that crazy detail today and being a fairly new quitter I pretty much had the day from hell.  So this was going to have to do. 

They really mean a lot to me though.  I put the cigarette butts on the bottoms so I would step on them and crush them with every step I take while wearing them.  Kind of feels empowering actually lol.  Boy that guy on the bicycle earlier is lucky I wasn't wearing these then.  I mean seriously, why do you have to ride in the road when there is a side walk right there!!  Okay rant over... But I probably would have stomped all over him too ha!

Here's to another day as a non smoker and rediscovering my sanity, soon I hope!


Nutbird said...

When I first read this post, I thought you said ten years, not ten days. Regardless, congratulations. Think of all the money you will save to spend on furniture. I just found your blog and have been trying to figure out what part of Colorado you are in. I am in the mountains and there are no good garage sales here. You are pretty handy. One of my friends, September the March blog, trolls Goodwills all over Denver and finds interesting things. Ann

Sommer said...

Well thank you Ann. It's now been 69 days and going strong! I live in Lone Tree, we border Highlands Ranch just south of the Denver Metro area. I can imagine garage sales and thrifting would be harder in the mountains. Maybe you could make a trip down once a month or something into the city and spend the day thrifting!

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