08 September 2010

Fresh Bread

Happy Hump day gardeners!  Before I get started I want to announce the winner of the Fabric Pumpkin giveaway we had...  Drum roll please.....

The winner is Kai!  Congratulations Kai... please send me an email with your shipping information so I can get those out to you!  I have the three shown and two more, one is more of a burnt orange color and pattern and the other is a brighter yellow and gold colors.  Just specify the three you want =)

Sadly my first little giveaway didn't generate as much traffic as I had hoped but I'm very excited someone gets to give these pumpkins a great home!

So on with the show as they say... I've had a serious love affair for chalk board signs as of late.  They have become so popular and are in all the great catalogs and great blogs out there. 

I tried my hand at my first chalk board sign using and old picture.  I repainted the frame and painted the chalk paint on to the cardboard backing.  It turned out okay. You can see that one here

I recently acquired some cabinet doors I planned on making some signs out of and one of them was exceptionally large, a dark 70's stained wood.  So I got to work taking off the hardware left on it and filling the holes with some wood putty.  Then i sanded it down with some 150 grit just to give a nice finish. 

Another thing I learned on the last project is that chalk paint is expensive and I'm cheap.  So instead of layering and layering the paint on I just primed my cabinet door with dark gray primer then I only used about 2 coats of the chalk paint to get a nice coverage.

I wasn't liking the blank slate look I had going here so I grabbed some old trim I had laying around that I had saved from an old barn earlier this summer.  I cut my pieces and made a frame. Then I primed and painted them.

Not bad eh?

First I glued the frame onto the door and held it with clamps.  Then I left it over night to dry.  I ended up securing it with some finish nails from the back side.

Now I hadn't thought this through at the beginning but I rarely do.  It's really heavy! So now I'm not sure if it will end up being hung in the spot I had intended for it until Mr Garden gets home to analyze it for me.  In the mean time it's sitting pretty leaning against the wall on the kitchen counter but it's pretty big so I don't think it will stay there long.  But I highly recommend the chalk paint on wood!  It made an amazing chalk board that I can change out to a menu or welcome sign etc...


Lori @ Projects Plenty said...

Your framed chalk board is great. How smart are you to use a grey primer to cut down on the chalk board product?! Well done!

Jane said...

Okay, I just wrote this loooong comment and it didn't work. Let me try this again!

Jane said...

Okay here we go...thanks for stopping by Finding Fabulous today, I'm so glad you liked the crates. Funny how these little ole' $5 crates can get people talking and commenting! I absolutely love your chalkboard frame...such a fun project!

So nice to meet ya...and I'll follow ya back!


Dianna@DecorMadeSimple said...

Hi Sommer, I like your chalkboard, adding the frame was a good idea.

I just made a chalkboard rack from an old cabinet door. I found Krylon spray chalkboard paint on line for $5. I couldn't find it locally.

Infarrantly Creative said...

The fact that you drive around looking for trash and think of me makes me SMILE ear to ear. I can't wait until you find a score!

April said...

I love how this chalk board turned out! I bought a framed picture at a thrift store months ago & I knew I wanted do make it a chalkboard for my kitchen/breakfast room area. I just couldn't decide on what color to paint the frame. Now, I know! This is on my list for completing this week. Thanks for the inspiration.

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