05 September 2010

How I spend my Labor Day Weekend

Here is how I spend my Labor Day weekend every year...  At the Colorado Springs Hot Air Balloon Festival. 

I get up at 4am 9am the day of the festival and make blueberry pancakes for the family.  Then we get showered and ready and run errands and all that un-important stuff you know.  Of course you didn't really think I got up to watch them launch at sunrise?  What's the point really when your not a morning person?  Fighting the early morning Starbucks traffic, tearing the kids out of their beds.   All so the entire family can be screaming and fighting by the time the first balloon launches?  No thanks.

Besides, why would I do that when I could go in the evening where they are selling giant turkey legs and fire roasted corn on the cob?  Or how about fresh squeezed lemonade and funnel cakes?  Yep, that's more my style too.

And when you can have all that plus see this.... it's no brainer in my book!

Remember the Fire Roasted Corn I told you about... It really is to die for.


Stacey Gray said...

Very pretty, nice to see you took the opportunity to enjoy it!

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