13 October 2010

Spooktacular Decorations

Hello... my name is Sommer...and I'm a Halloween addict.  You guys to understand how serious this addiction is imagine having a new home with more space to decorate and a super tight budget!  It's kind of like being choked.  Deprived of air.  I've done what I can this year though it's nowhere near what I wanted to do in the new space for this ridiculously fun holiday.  I'm happy to have been able to put together the display I have.  I'm not giving up quite yet, I'm hoping to finish off a couple more spooky items before the big night but my daughters birthday is only three days after Halloween so I have to stay focused and on budget!

I made the bleeding candles really easily. Just buy white candles and one red candle.  Hold the red candle over the white ones and light a bbq lighter to it so it drips red onto the white candles.

I printed out these fun spooky labels for some bottles of wine I had laying around.  You can print your own from CocoandBella.

I've had this black vase for years and I have a box of silk flowers I got from freecycle.

I got all the skulls and these crows from the dollar store.  I made my own cloches from garage sale and goodwill finds.  The stacking boxes I've had for years.

I topped off the display with some cheesecloth I shredded to give it that webby texture.

I made these fabric pumpkins to display around the house and added some silk autumn leaves.

I got this plate stand at goodwill and the pumpkins from the dollar store.  I just hand drew stenciled letters and filled them in with a sharpie!

I am still working on more I hope to show you soon... like my bloody foot prints walking up to the front door.  The silhouettes of murders and hangings in the windows and some cute light up pumpkin jars.

Until then... Au Revior!


The Design Confidential said...

I love the spooky wine labels, super cute and something i would love to do. i even found some great graphics at the graphics fairy's free image page (can't remember what its called) ...perhaps i should get a move on!

Laraine Eddington said...

Wow! You had so many great ideas. I've never done the webby cheesecloth, so simple and cute!

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