10 December 2010

Twelve Blogs Of Christmas Day 10

Well I'll be totally honest here, I'm running out of grand introductions lol.  Ten days of beautiful homes, talented bloggers and get you in the mood holiday decor.  This is going to be our final blogger as I am going to take you through my home tomorrow.  Sad I know, and day twelve will be the Festival of Trees.  I started linking up with Wendy over at her fabulous blog  The Shabby Nest a few months back.  She has always been so kind to me and complimentary.  Really made me feel talented even when I wasn't so sure ;P  I am always in aw of her fabulous posts and ideas.  So enough of my sentimental ramblings... here she is!  And don't forget to go leave her a comment if you like what you see =)

Hi! I'm Wendy from The Shabby Nest and I'm so excited to be taking part in the "Twelve Blogs of Christmas"! I just love the Christmas Season. And one of my favorite parts of Christmas is getting to dress up my house for the holidays. I start planning a couple of months in advance. (Not that I get anything actually done that early...but it all starts to come together in my head.) And this year, I decided that I wanted to go with a calm, neutral palette. One that was festive, but that was serene and understated. So I chose to go with a palette of white, silver, taupe, black and green (of course!). I am really happy with the way everything turned out. It's truly become my Holiday Haven. Here a few pics of the decor I have spread throughout the house....hope you enjoy!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!
xoxo Wendy


Tammy said...

beautiful! i love the angel wings on the chair, where did you get those?

Angie said...

Gorgeous photos!!!!!

simpledaisy said...

Ooh...everything looks so pretty:)

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