03 March 2011

I Feel A Project Coming On

Isn't that the most wonderful feeling. When you chatting or blogging, surfing the net and suddenly an epiphany! It's euphoric.

I was over at Primitive & Proper commenting on her workspace today and by the time I finished my comment I realized I had a new project in the works.

See before I moved into the house I talked to the owner about my work and how it's too cold in the winter to work in the garage so I don't do as much. Well it just so happens there is a 2000 sf unfinished basement here and he gave me the go ahead to use it in the colder month for my projects.

Well initially I declined because I thought about all the chemicals and fumes getting into the ventilation system. That was until today.  Cassie was saying how she uses primarily low and zero VOC products because her work space is in an unfinished section of her home as well.

Now the wheels are turning! And I feel a project in the works. I'm talking about taping off the vents in the basement, hanging plastic and laying down painters tarps and building my own paint booth in the basement! I will still sand my pieces out in the garage, maybe invest in an affordable little heater to save my house from any unnecessary dusting. We all know how much I hate to dust! Okay well if you didn't, you do now lol.

So take a look see and let me know what you think... I'll tell you the stairs occupy the middle of the basement.  The pictures start at the bottom of the stairs looking to the back left and keep turning counter clockwise.

I see shelves full of paint and stain and brushes. Plastic hanging on the framework and cement floors covered in tarps. Oooh so exciting I feel all tingly inside!

You see I already have bunches of stuff waiting for me to get crackin!  This stuff is all looking strait at the bottom of my basement steps.

I'm laughing, never thought I would show you all pictures of my dark, dank ugly basement.  Let alone be excited about it! LOL.


Oh I almost forgot!  While typing up this post the doorbell rings... want to see what showed up?  It's clear now, this is meant to be!  Time to start painting.



Emily said...

oh my space!! you are crazy if you dont take advantage of all that room. have fun with it!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

yes, that is an awesome space! take advantage! and just do me a favor and don't tell your husband it was my idea. ;)

Sommer said...

Oh Cassie he's totaly on board lol. Talking about putting in ventilation fans in the windows and how it will all come together ha! He might be more excited than me. MIGHT.

Sadie Jane said...

Your blog is literally stunning!! your the maker of that beautiful key holder!! thank you for stopping by my blog and saying those kind words! I am your newest follower!

Sommer said...

Oh Sadie thank you! That just made my heart skip a beat =)

Marilyn said...

Oh, how I WISH my basement looked like yours right now. Mine is totally full! Have fun! ♥♫

Angie said...

How exciting!!!!! I would LOVE to have a space like this all to myself and my projects!!!!!

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