08 March 2011

The Making of A Dining Room

And a few other little things... I got my new dining room set this past weekend.  My FIRST new dining room set.  Not that new means much to me these since I find so much joy in making the old new and giving it life again.  But I couldn't find this set for this price even used until now.  I signed up for a membership at a design warehouse here locally so I got this at a deal I couldn't pass up.  And my motto is if I can buy something cheaper than I can make it myself then it's a better deal for everyone.  It saves me time and money.

Here is my new set being assembled.  I'm actually surprised it turned out so well considering I had had a few glasses of wine that night lol.  I should also preface this to say my old dining table was the pub hight, square black with 6 chairs style. 

Sassy legs huh? LOL
This will become a chair
I recommend always using non slip feet and soft pad feet for hardwood floors.
My bamboo rug.  Miss Fancy Pants couldn't resist checking it out.
Table and chairs finished.  Oh did I mention it has a gorgeous bench?
Leather seats.  Yum.  After sitting at a pub high table for the past 5 yrs I felt like I was going to fall on the floor when I first sat down here lol.
Tufted leather bench. 
It's 76 inches long!
The table cloth will be a must and I also have one on the bench seat. I'm thinking about having a piece of glass cut for it so I can show it off and not keep it covered up. Thoughts?

 I picked up this piece for the mantel.  I thought the word "family" would warm it up a bit so it's not just a bunch of objects. 

I also got this table top Mora style clock from Pier 1 Imports last weekend.  Mr Garden spoils me.  There were actually other ones I liked better because they were painted in color and had been papered with different prints.  But they didn't match my colors so I bought the brown one. 

And I decided I would make her my own somehow... here is a little peek of just a small part of my plan =)

Lastly I was desperate to find something to go next to the clock.  I was thinking a metal bowl with those jute covered balls and some made of vines etc... but man those balls are expensive!  And I really wasn't in the mood to make my own.  So I searched and changed my mind a million times until I decided to give up because nothing felt perfect.  And when you buy something that doesn't feel perfect it's impulse and typically ends up getting returned anyhow. 

But on my way out of the store... These two were staring at me and it was that moment when the heavens opened up and the angels sang.  That was the moment I was waiting for and so I knew it was right!

Aren't they the cutest?!!  I didn't like how everything was getting a little too "dark" on the mantel and the shelves so with the transformation of the clock I decided these would be painted ... but you'll just have to wait and see!!  But you won't want to miss it because I have a feeling you're going to LOVE it!



Marilyn said...

Nice looking furniture and the owls are just what my daughter would love! ♥♫

Tammy @ Type A said...

looking good chica! love it. xx

Chiara said...

I am here from The Girl Creative bloghop. You have a beautiful blog, and I love your design style. Thanks for linking up and sharing your creative space!

Monica said...

Gorgeous table!! My hubby and I have been discussing getting one just like it with the bench. You've got impeccable taste!! ;)

p.s. I'm visiting from The Girl Creative and a new follower =D


Tammy @ Type A said...

hey girl, glad you linked to the blog hop! congrats on 250!!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

That dining table and bench are swoon worthy!

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