24 March 2011

Woohoo for the Zoo

Yesterday our best friends from over at Type A were going to the zoo.  Were on spring break for two weeks and the kids are making me climb the walls already so we decided to push our sanity to the limit and go together with 5 children.  

Since I still don't have a bathroom update for you... (I got paint up today though!)  I'm going to bring you the zoo instead.

I told the kids that he was chewing the last kid who didn't behave lol.

I though this cheetah was breathtaking.

Peace out to all our blogger buddies!


The crew minus one... waiting for the carousel ride at $2 a pop! Ouch.


I love the moments they help teach each other and are a real team.

Cotton Candy Fingers

My crew

"Mommy take my picture" she says.  Do you think she's marking her territory?  I'm thinking we better be leaving soon.

So Majestic

Nature at it's finest
 And lastly... Parental advisory... this next photo may be too mature for some audiences.  Aside from the whining, crying, screaming, running, falling, tattling, squealing chaos of walking around with five children for an afternoon... This is the #1 reason not to take your children to the zoo!
The animals are corrupt!


Tammy @ Type A said...

omg that's funny stuff! i did a post too, but mine is not funny. lol yippee for paint!

Lauren @ 31diy said...

The last picture. Wow. Hahaha!!!

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