26 April 2011

A Perfect Pair

This post brought to you by Kidzmet. All opinions are 100% mine.

I got an email just recently from my children's school asking me to submit a profile sheet on my children.  Originally I had no idea what this was for or why they wanted to profile my children.  As I continued to read I saw that the school was organizing classes for the new school year this fall.

I have three children all over the spectrum of academics.  One very bright borderline gifted child, one advanced kindergartner and a preschooler that I have no idea where she falls yet.

What the profile sheets do is help determine which teachers and students are a good fit.  This is what Kidzmet does.  They look at your child's strengths and weaknesses, personality types, learning styles, likes and dislikes etc...

It takes only ten minutes to fill out your child's pairing portrait and it's FREE!  You can email or turn it into your child's principal or guidance councilor so to ensure your child is placed with the most compatible teacher for the upcoming school year!

You can see what the Pairing Portrait questionnaire looks like here.  I'm so excited to see to this profiling program in place for my kids this fall.  Isn't this worth a few minutes of your time to ensure your child has a great 2011/2012 school year?


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