20 April 2011

When The Cats Away…

Mr. Garden just called to let me know he landed safely in Florida tonight.  He’ll be there until at least Saturday night.  Company business and it’s not real clear how long exactly they’ll need him but we hope he’ll be home in time to celebrate Easter with us.  Then it’s off to Iowa for a while.

In the mean time… I’m pullin out my dancin shoes and enjoying some long awaited ME TIME!  Here are a few of the things I’m doing with myself while the cats away.

  • Staying up on the computer all night instead of watching tv
  • Turning the fan on high (I have a fan, I have to sleep to white noise, an hubby hates it!)
  • Sleep in the middle of the bed and use every pillow!
  • Park in the middle of the garage
  • Eat left overs for dinner
  • Craft from dawn until dusk
  • Blog about all of it to those of you who care enough to read it!

Oh and yesterday I made this…

You all saw my new dining room recently.  Well I’m very protective and it always has a table cloth or place mats.  But the kids were getting crumbs all over the bench seat and I started seeing greasy finger prints all over it too.  Since the law states that I must feed them and so too avoid any un-necessary heart conditions in the near future…


I made this for it.  And it makes me very happy.


I tried to get a better picture but the batteries in the camera died and I have scoured every toy and remote in the house for more batteries but it would seem the children have used every last available battery for the Wii remotes.  So no fancy tutorial, just a nice and easy bench cover so mommy doesn’t come unglued every time we have to sit down and have a meal =)



Becky@OrganizingMadeFun said...

My hubby travels a lot, too. I also do crazy things when he's not home....blog a bunch {getting posts done weeks ahead of time}, take pictures of everything I can, stay up late, sleep in, and watch What Not to Wear!! Ha, ha...I get it!

Becky B.
Organizing Made Fun

Full Circle Creations said...

Love it! Hopefully the weather will be nicer than it is now when you come to Iowa. Winter just wants to old on.


Tammy @ Type A said...

looks so good. you are awesome!

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