19 May 2011

Right Out Of Left Field

Okay so I’m going way off topic here.  Hey what can I say, it happens from time to time.  But since I love you all dearly I want you to really know me.  So I’m inviting you to check out my newest blog.  It’s not about Home Design or Crafts.  It’s not about DIY or Recipes.  It’s personal.  It’s called Crossfit. 

Another blogger named Sadie wrote about her last few months in Crossfit and ever since I read her post I’ve been glued to YouTube watching workouts in different gyms and competitions called the Crossfit Games.


Today I completed my second fundamentals class and next week I start training with a group.  Let me just say I’ve never seen people in this kind of shape in the regular gym.  Okay maybe a few, a handful at most.  But in here… every single one of them is sculpted and lifting and running and pressing like well oiled machines.  It’s truly intimidating to watch and yet exhilarating to think that soon I will be right there with them!

So if you’re the least bit intrigued and a little bit interested to even watch me as I learn, fight and work to get stronger and achieve my personal goals in fitness and health,  Please come check it out.







jandjhome said...

Good for you. My husband is an avid crossfitter. He's been doing it for over 2 years. He's in the best shape of his life. I haven't gotten in to it, because of my fertility issues (seems like a heavy workout), but hope to some day. Good luck!

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Hi Sommer, Looks like I might be your first follower on your new blog. I tried to post a comment over there, but it didn't seem to be working. I love to work out, most of the time. I did a pump class this morning. But staying on track and making the time to get to the gym is sometimes a challenge. I'll be rooting you on and hopefully it will help me stay motivated at the same time! Because let's face it, if we are not healthy and well, the rest doesn't really matter!

Sadie Jane said...

Just started following your blog!! LOVE IT!! It's awesome! I am so proud of you! FOr reals!! 2 pounds down is great! Keep it up. It's very tough and sometimes I literally DRAG myself to the gym but it is worth it in the end I promise!

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