21 May 2011

Surviving Armageddon

Since we seem to have escaped Armageddon by the skin of our teeth I decided I should cancel my scheduled good-bye post.  I was certain I’d be blogging from heaven by now or at the very least the children would have been taken up and I would have had a nice long vacation until August! LOL.  Joking.

All jokes aside I don’t usually post personal stuff on this blog but I thought this was a perfect opportunity to post that though I’m not religious I am grateful for each day.  Another day my husband can kiss me good-bye in the morning, another day I get to blog, another day I get to photograph my beautiful girls.  And my goofy tween boy. 






If there is such a thing as judgment day.  I hope god will tell me I was a good mother =)



Tiaras & Bow Ties said...

Hi Sommer, I am so glad we are all still here too! As much as I am curious to see the splendor of Heaven, I must admit I kinda like it here on earth too! Your children look so beautiful, did you make the girls dresses?
Hugs, Kim

Val said...

Great post! Your girlies are adorable!

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