04 September 2011

I Candy

I GOT NUTHIN. Seriously, since I’m running out of ACSP and money at the moment… yeah I can’t buy steam off a hot lunch right now.  I’m taking drastic measures to keep you all entertained.  So what better than a little I Candy?  For realz…  So for all my sweet sweet readers, this is for you.

While I was off looking at retail space recently I came upon the most incredible candy shop.  You just don’t find them like this anymore.


The entire room was filled wall to wall with jars of candy.  And tables were set in the middle of the aisles with apothecary jars filled to the brim.


Halloween was already starting to show it’s face.


There was even this charming little ladder with shirts and aprons for sale.  I could live here.



Have a wonderful rest of your holiday weekend!



Miss Kitty said...

Whoa! Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful pictures for inspiration (and drooling). Candy is actually my favorite food group.


That is pure yumminess!!!
Thanks for stopping in. Your comments were just too sweet!
Yes, the chair is wonderful, more reason for me to change things up in my new place!!!
The paint is by Gliddon- Quiet Rain, I found it at home depot. Yes, by all means I'd love to join your party. Thanks a bunch and enjoy the week!

Delaney said...

Oh my goodness! I want to go there.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh my word, it would be so dangerous for me to be in there. I would have to have some of everything. lol Hugs, Marty

Rachael said...

I love your profile description.

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