15 November 2011

I’m A Winner!!

Yep you heard me right.  I won my first ever giveaway!  Tammy over at Type A was hosting the “Mother of All Giveaways” for her blog reaching over 650 followers.  I had 9 chances to enter and since I had never won a giveaway before and I somehow knew she wouldn’t rig this for me to win lol, I tried to strategically place my votes.  I wondered if I should post them all in a row.  Should I get them in at the start or toward the end?  Ultimately I decided to spread them out.  And today she called me to tell me the good news!

You guys I was totally squealing like those people you hear on the radio who won front row tickets to a rock concert.  It’s the real deal folks.  I entered the Mother Of All Giveaways and won the MOTHER LOAD!  Wooohooo!  I’m a Weeeeeeeener!

If your curious here is what I won:

Lesley from Fabulously Flawed is donating this beautiful piece of jewelry from her Etsy shop Fabulously FlawedGorgeous isn’t it?!!



Shaunna from Perfectly Imperfect is donating her EBook, Creating Your Masterpiece. I’m ecstatic to be getting a look at this book!

Robyn from Robyn Story Designs is giving the winner an option, you get to choose which one of a kind beauty you would like. This stunning candle or picture frame. If you choose the candle you also get to select the letter that will be placed on it. Which would you choose?  I can’t decide!

Kim from Maiden D'Shade is donating of of my favorite things, a custom silhouette! These are so neat!  I would love to have one done of my three children together!

Clydia from Three Mango Seeds is donating a custom painted sign from her shop Mango Seed Market, it will have your last name and the year you were married on it. I made one of these for myself this past year so I’m hoping she’ll customize a different one for me.  If not, look for a giveaway! lol

Andie from Crayons and Freckles is donating one of her inspirational prints from her shop AndieJaye, you get to choose which one. I think one of these will be nothing less than perfect for my 10 yr old sons room.

Gertie from The Old Blockhouse is donating three mason jars from her shop, in three great sizes. 1/2 gallon, quart, and pint, all with zinc lids and the most beautiful shade of teal.  Ahhh I can never get enough of these blue mason jars and check out that 1/2 gallon one!!

My Dad is also donating to the give away, now if he'd just open an Etsy shop, I keep bugging him.

He's donating his newest barn photo. Color 8x12.  I don’t know of another person who takes photo’s as beautifully as Steven.  I’m truly blessed to have his work in my home.

Lastly, I'm also donating to my give away, a piece of brown transferware! It's from Mason's Watteau Brown collection, Handled Square Cake Plate, 11 inches. 

Close up.

My little heart goes pitter patter for this gorgeous platter!  Seriously I think I’m having an eyegasm!  Ahhhh!


Thank you thank you thank you to everyone single person who donated to Tammy’s giveaway.  My heart is going to burst with joy! 


In other news… Tammy and I have decided to open a new blog together, Primal Design.  Another big part of our lives outside of decorating has always been our health and wellness.  The blog will consist primarily of the Paleo lifestyle choices along with all gluten-free eating.  Also we will be incorporating all kinds of fitness including Crossfit.  There isn’t a single post over there yet as we are still working out the kinks to personalize it and make it ours.  But I invite all of you to join us over there.  We appriciate your support =) Muah!





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