18 November 2011

One Of My New Friends

Okay so you all know how excited I was to win the huge giveaway over at Type A right?  Well one of the contributors to the giveaway, Clydia at Three Mango Seeds was giving away a sign hand painted by herself.  She does the most gorgeous signs with the family name and established date on them.

Since I already have one of those hanging over my front door in the entry I asked her if she would be willing to paint me a custom sign.  Well being the sweetheart she is she said yes!  So I sent her a photo of one I liked and I kid you not… she finished it in less than 48 hours for me!  I mean this girl is busy and has paying customers and yet she made my sign a priority! 

Check out this beautiful sign!  I’m over the moon you guys!  I cannot wait until it arrives.  I think my heart might explode right out of my chest.

Please, if you love this sign stop by her blog and give her some props.  She totally deserves it! Here is the paint finished. Not distressed.


Here is the beginning of the distressing.


And here it is finished!!!


How on earth will I contain myself until it arrives???


Thanks again Clydia, I’m so incredibly blessed to have met you!



Clydia said...

Your welcome! I'm so happy you you like it and I'm equally as blessed to have met you! xoxo, Clydia

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