16 November 2011

Falling In Love

One thing I have come to love about what I do in this business of refinishing and hunting for treasures of the past is learning to appreciate and fall in love with things I didn’t before have an appreciation for.  I quickly grew to love old Ironstone dishes because honestly Miss Mustard Seed is a trend setter and who doesn’t love what she loves?  Then more recently I have started falling in love with brown transfer ware.  Something I once looked at as an old lady item.  I must be finally growing up!

It’s taking some time but slowly I’m finding pieces of both to start my collections and thought many of the furniture pieces I do I still love, they have become a business for me and now when I go searching for dishes and find a bargain on a creamy white little plate or win a giveaway for a beautiful brown transfer ware cake plate… well my little heart does more than pitter patter, it feels like it’s going to explode right out of my chest!

So I wanted to show off a few of my newest pieces in my collection that I plan to display across my table for thanksgiving.

I bought the chargers at the dollar store.  They are just plastic like the ones you find anywhere else but they look fantastic and they were only a dollar.  I also got silver ones for Christmas.   The 10in plate is also just a dollar store plate since I only have one ironstone one in my collection as of right now.  But the salad plates are ironstone and I got eight at the goodwill for nothing!

Ironstone plates on golden chargers

My best girl took me to a super neat indoor flea market about 20 min from my house.  How I never knew it existed is beyond me!  But I found four of these darling little transfer ware salad plates for only $6.  I couldn’t pass them up and they really give my setting what I was looking for.



I will take an entire table shot once I have it all set but I wanted to focus on the dishes first.  So here’s the stinker.  I found a set of transfer ware, all matching for only $150.00, 42 pieces.  That is crazy cheap!  I want it but I’m waiting on furniture to sell so I can buy it otherwise it has to come out of the Christmas fund.  I also found a larger lot of matching ironstone for roughly the same price.  Why can’t I just be rich? 



Lastly I was on the hunt for napkin rings.  I wanted some made of old vintage flatware.  So it got me searching out flatware.  OMG now I’ve fallen head over heals looking for a sliver plate set of flatware to service 8-12.  I have found some beautiful ones for a reasonable price but now I find myself confused over what I should purchase first when I have the money?  Here is one that I am swooning over at the moment.



And here is another one that is unrealistically beautiful with a scary price tag of more than $4,000.00 but it’s still pretty to look at.

Steiff Rose Sterling Silver

I just love staring at the shiny silver with all the beautiful intricacies. There is something so soft about these pieces laying again a linen napkin.

CL vintage silverware2

And if I could find a set with out family letter monogrammed onto it, well I might just sell my first born for it!


I really just want a set of beautiful flatware that we can use, love, take care of and pass down to my children.  It’s totally a family keepsake item.



What do you think?  Ironstone, transfer ware or flatware?



Christine said...

Lol, I could have written this myself, I agree so much! I have an incomplete set of American Limoges china from the 50s (I think). It all began when I found a casserole and bought the rest of it for a steal on Ebay. I do love the vintage and antiques. I also have a set of mismatched silver plate flatware. Its so fun, isn't it?

Cottage and Broome said...

Love the salad plates, hope your ship comes in and you get your set of dishes. On being rich, I've been too thin (it was not a good thing), I'd really like to try too rich! Will be your newest follower, Laura - Cottage and Broome

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

OOOh I love your new plates! Finding a set of plates you love at that price would be harder to come by later than flatware or ironstone. Plus the set of dishes would make the biggest statement while you're waiting for the rest. I'm no good at waiting! haha! Good luck!

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