09 November 2011

A Rooster

It’s amazing the things I’ve learned out blogging.  It’s not just the technical stuff like how to add buttons and signatures.  But how to express myself to an audience that I can’t see.  And then once you get comfortable with writing it’s about learning to take photo’s that draw people in and tell your story.  And then adding guests and developing relationships with other bloggers.  And today it’s about what to share when I have so many unfinished projects so that I don’t keep loosing followers lol. 

I often have lot’s to say but not enough photo’s to express it.  And I so then I post nothing at all because I don’t want to disappoint my readers with a bunch of my ramblings.  But then I find that people loose interest because I don’t post enough.  So I find myself at a loss sometimes. 

I’m finding myself in the middle of seasons right now. Trying to prepare myself for a house full of guests for Thanksgiving and getting ready for my daughters birthday this weekend which we’ve hired a magician for.  We have seen him before and he’s excellent.  So that will be tons of fun.  I’m also out scouting for Christmas décor since I have all this new space to decorate for our first Christmas in this house.  And then in between I’m doing the normal cleaning and running children to and fro and couponing and my weekly babysitting for my fun money etc.

I’ve been working on moving all my paints from the garage to the basement since it’s freezing at night now.  Getting the basement organized so I can work down there during the winter.  Painting a new dresser, a couple actually.  I also met our newest neighbors across the street last weekend.  They are so nice.  Younger grandparents but her and I like were like peas and carrots.  She also has tons of really neat pieces she is getting rid of!  And while showing me around the basement I spotted a framed print I really liked and she sent me home with it.  Like I said, super nice people. 

So without further delay and boring you senseless with my banter here is my  rooster =)



I wish I had more for you but alas… this is my crazy life where some days are nothing but a rooster.  I think I should name him.  But what?




Tammy @ Type A said...

i think he looks like a Bernard, or Bernie for short.

Diane said...

I think he looks like a Jack.

Kathe said...

So now we know when you say "this day is nothing but a Rooster kind of day" we will know you have been super busy and all is good :) We all have days, weeks and months like that :) Be kind to yourself and just do what feels right for you! I think he looks like a Ross, Ross the Rooster :)

Sarah said...

I feel this way too. I don't want to post boring "fluff" that's all things from Pinterest but I don't want to post too much personal info because that's not what my blog is about and a bunch of words gets boring. It's hard to always come up with things, so sometimes I just add pictures snapped quickly with my phone or left over shots from an old project. It helps. :)

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