27 April 2012

Tea Time

I got these little chairs at a garage sale two summers ago.  I loved them and they were perfect for my daughters already white bedroom.  Then I found the table last year and it made a perfect addition to the set.  I was always pleased with it and had no intention of changing it.  Until recently.  It wasn’t even my idea. 

I was painting little miss K’s vanity and she wanted to help me so I let her.  Well it was a slippery slope as then little bear decided she wanted to help me paint something.  So we agreed to paint the table and chair set.  Let me just tell you there is a huge difference in the quality of work between a 6yr old and an 8yr old LOL. 

As we painted I kept thinking “Well, I will have to go back over that spot, and that one, and that one…”  LOL.  But we had fun together and she felt very accomplished having had a hand in painting her little table and chairs.



This is what they looked like before.  Cute but simple.


I didn’t like them just Coco and Antoinette so I picked up the damask stencil and added the “Chaise” wording to the backs of the chairs.  I totally love this set now.  It has new life and will be enjoyed for a few more years to come.  I’m not sure actually how much longer she will even fit in these little chairs.









Maureen said...

How cute! You did a great job of turning the "just OK" into very pretty.

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