27 May 2010

Desk Makeover

Okay so I went to the pool yesterday instead of posting this for you.  I admit it, it was wrong but I have a good excuse!  My laptop power cord died on me and because I know you were all squirming in your seats waiting for me to post this I went and bought a new one asap last night for $100!  Do you know how much furniture I could buy with that? Ahhh well, whats a blogger to do?  I have to show off my stuff somehow.  So here you go =)

The mirror, sanded and prepped for paint.  We bought this 40ft tarp earlier this year when we got caught in the sleet and rain and snow and wind... sitting outside the mall for 7 hours waiting to audition for the Amazing Race.  I wondered what we'd ever use it for again.  Well I found something =)

A little help from my friends daughters.

Dresser and mirror together again.  Is it my computer screen or are those walls really dirty?  OMG I'm so embarrassed!

Hurry look at the mirror before you notice the walls lol.  I am really happy with the outcome of this set.  My 9yr old boy had been using the dresser from his baby nursery!  It was about time he had a more big boy set and let me tell you, it's a full on tween room now!  He can take this sucker to college!

Still need a chair.  I think it should be black.  I also plan to do a dry erase, cork board over this soon.  That was he can show off all his accomplishments =)

There it is folks... the big boy room in the basement.  Sniff....
E.T.A.  He's not all grown up yet... he doesn't make his bed lol.  Don't look.


Angie said...

Dear Lord do you live in a mansion!?? The boys room is HUGE!!! Can't see anything on the walls just that amazing transformation you did!!! LOVE it! ;) You need to put a link to the blog post with the before photo so when newbies come they can see where it started!! ;)

Sommer said...

No not a mantion but it feels like it from the 1800 sf with no basement we came from earlier this year. Were now in 4000 sf so yes it's big! Hence why I am trying to fill it with furniture on the cheap lol. I didn't have a before picture of the desk since it looked just like the dresser. I didn't do as many photo's of the desk as I did the dresser =( I just wanted to get finished lol.

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