25 May 2010

Dresser Pt II

This project has been so much fun for me.  Not because I got to experience a pound of sawdust up my nose or got high on paint fumes but because I learned so many new things!  I learned that 80 grit sandpaper is great for taking a finish off instead of burning up an entire package of 150 grit.  It's really worth the second time over with a finer grit just to get the stuff off quickly.  I also learned I am 100% prime time in love with spray paint!  Before this project I had always painted by hand.  With a brush in one hand and a sponge in the other for drips and streaks.  What a pain!  I got a nifty little attachment that goes on the head of the spray can so can pull the trigger instead of pressing down on the nozzle which kills the fingers.  I also used faux glaze for the first time.  I had to play with the consistency a bit until I found what I liked to work with but that stuff is so cool! 

I also found out that you can remove paint from leather with a little nail polish remover, some Q tips and baby wipes.  I let me 9 yr old help out taping off the leather inlay on this dresser and he didn't do such a stellar job.  So when I shot the can the paper flew up and there was paint on the leather.  Just take a Q tip, dip in nail polish remover and gently rub the paint until it starts to break up.  Then wipe clean with a baby wipe =)


Remember this guy?

Well here is the new and improved =)

A better look. The mirror for this and the desk to match should be complete tomorrow =)
Here is a sneak peak of that project...

Yep, there it is... the sneak peek.  My future refurbishing, antiquing, repurposing ladies =)  Helping me sand the drawers. 


Angie said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!! You did a fantastic job!!!! YAY!!!

Sommer said...

Thank you Angie!

oops! said...

I love the dresser and the helpers are cute too!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

that 70's dresser looks soooo 2011 now!

Classy Clutter said...


Awesome transformation!


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