20 May 2010

Dresser Update

I thought I'd bring you an update on the dresser/desk set I picked up for my sons room a little while back.  I have gotten dresser all ready for paint and am hoping to bring you the finished product be the end of the weekend! 

Remember this?

And here she is all sanded down.  I tell you I'm looking forward to getting myself a detail sander for those nooks and crannies.  I don't like hand sanding.  But I figure all those nooks an crannies will be taking on the black glaze in the end so do I really care?  Probably not.

All primered up.  Ooops except for the feet.  Were getting to that today =)  I need to turn it upside down to get it done right. 

Stay tuned for the final product!  Starting the desk once this piece can come inside.


Angie said...

Lookin' good!! You know I have two 2 x 4's that I set down and then put the furniture on it so I can get everything at once! made it easy to do stuff when the hubs isn't around to move the furniture- but then again- you'll probably flip that sucker by yourself huh!?! ;)

Sommer said...

That's a good idea. I did that with the coffee table. I just hate bending down for those long periods so I would rather flip it over. And I probably wont do it myself lol. I save that for desperate moments haha.

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