21 May 2010

Buffet Pt I

I just love friends!  It wasn't but a week ago I was helping my bff Tammy load up a beautiful buffet she bought on Cracklist for a steal.  Then being the addict she is, she found another one she liked better haha.  So the offer came in.  Did I want the buffet I had helped her bring home?  Um duh!  So sicker than a dog yesterday I brought myself to move this lovely lady once again to her final resting place.  And for the next several weeks I'll be paying off my debt to my girly pal in very small, non-husband noticeable amounts lol!

Some of you may have seen this beauty already when Tammy posted it on her facebook page.  Here she is with a few items I grabbed from around the house so she wasn't so naked. 

My plan is to refinish this like the picture below and have two of the white floating shelves put above her.  Here are the shelves I'm thinking of over at Knock off wood.

This is my hope of what she'll look like when I'm finished.  Can't you just see this with the two white floating shelves above?

I already organized all the dvd's, wii and ds games in the drawer =)

I know you all recognize this picture.  I'm thinking about putting the clock on one of the shelves above.  Should I paint it white also or leave it as is?  I don't have any red in my house.  Not a fan personally but I love this pitcher and spraying it another color will cover up the lettering on the front.  What do you think?

This poor candle holder... I've never put candles on it and have had it about a year.  I got it from a fellow freecycler and loved it.  This is definitely getting a coat of antique white spray paint.  Maybe with some blue or green candles.  I've moved this piece all over my house (the old one and new one) trying to find the right place for it and I think this could be it, finally!  Now, cylinder candles or balls?

Still not sure about these two.  The mask is from Mexico and it's a dark wood.  I've never really found a great place for it either.  It gets around moves around a lot.  I'm thinking this will not be a permanent spot for either of these two.  I can't repaint the mask, it's just one of those things you don't alter you know?  But it wont mesh well with the black and white distressed buffet when I'm finished.

So that's it for today.  Now to work on getting me a signature.  Just so you don't forget who your talkin to ; p


Angie said...

Boy you weren't kidding about being organized!!! ;) I wouldn't paint the red pitcher- I think it will be a nice pop of color! I'm always a fan of pillar candles but I think that's up to you! ;) Can't wait to see it done!

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