03 May 2010

Weekend wrap up

I have recently discovered something about myself.  As I dive deeper into the world of woodworking I have found myself to have a serious girl crush on power tools!  I can't believe I am asking for them for my birthday coming up next month.

Over the weekend I managed to survive a birthday sleepover with five 9yr old boys.  They all did very well but what can I say... they are boys.  There was burping, running, wrestling, shooting, tackling, video gaming fun going on until shortly after midnight. 

I also attended my best girlfriends bday party she threw for her daughter turning 3yrs old.  She did such a wonderful job on the decor courtesy of many talented etsy shops.  More of this to come but first I wanted to share my latest completed project.  I say completed because I have many many projects that are sitting in various rooms including the garage, calling to me to finish them so they can once again be whole.

This mosaic is a 24x36in collage of scrapbook paper tiles cut into 1x1in squares.  This was inspired originally by one similar as a staging piece in a Pottery Barn catalog.  This method to duplicate was thought up over at Remodelaholic and I'm so glad they did!

Here is what you'll need:
  • Paper Cutter
  • Scrapbook paper (about 8 colors and I prefer 12x12)
  • Paint (for your background color, I used pink)
  • Mod Podge
  • Piece of wood or art canvas (even some cheap mdf cut to your specifications would do)

Step 1: Start cutting!  Welcome to my hell...864 squares of 1x1in paper tiles.
Step 2: Paint your canvas, wood or other background. Let dry completely
Step 3: Mix up those little tiles and start laying in rows adhering with your mod podge.  The original tutorial says to go around the edges and work your way in but I felt there would be too much correction cutting that way.  I had to re-cut several tiles to make them fit right as it was. 
Step 4: Paint your finished mosaic with mod podge to seal, you can use several coats if your prefer.  Mine didn't need more than one since it was going in a frame.

The finished product.  Very time consuming, don't think you'll get this done in a day unless it's going to be smaller than 15x30in.  Was it worth it?  Yes.  Would I make another one?  No, probably not.  At least not for a while lol.
Last but not least.  My very neglected children during this project.  When they start running around with tights on their head as bunny ears, it's time to take a time out lol.


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