08 May 2010

You just can't argue with FREE

Last weekend on my way out to orange (you know the home improvement store I speak of) I passed a garage sale sign just at the end of our cul-de-sac.  The first thing that came to mind was, furniture!  I asked my husband to stop.  We pulled up next to the curb and gave it the once over from the front seat of the truck.  Nothing immediately jumped out at me so I decided I needed to walk up for a closer look.  A little coffee table that was used as temporary housing for a slew of backpacks, purses and other smaller treasures had a tag on it.  It said "Table $20 FREE!".  Immediately I went into must have it mode and hollard amongst the people to find out who's table it was.  As R saw me talking to the woman he came around the truck with his wallet open and that look on his face that we all love in our husbands.  That "you really want to spend money on THAT?" look. 
When I told him it was free he says "well you can't argue with free" and he's absolutely right.  The dull wooden top and hunter green legs were begging me to take them home and give them a new life.  So I did.
The before picture

This color green should only appear on money.

The Citristrip doing it's magic =) Bye bye green.

Okay so the green was pretty stubborn.  It stained the wood through and through.  By this point I started thinking about making firewood out of it.  Here's hoping the stain is stronger than the green!

And it was.  The ebony stain covered up the mossy green leftover like a charm.  The table top in a high gloss mohagany couldn't have turned out any better in my opinion. 

And now I smile every time I walk past the living room that once sat with an empty gaping hole in the middle of it.  What do you think the chances are that I can find a free rug I'm madly in love with?  Yeah, I didn't think so either lol.


The Frugal Designer said...

I think you can totally find a rug! what is your style type?

Sommer said...

I'm thinking a cream or taupe with a light green ivy or some robins egg blues running through it. I have all black, taupe, cream and white in the house and I need to incorporate some color.

Angie said...

Hi Sommer!! LOVE the coffee table!! It turned out gorgeous!

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