17 May 2010

Weekend wrap up

Have I mentioned how much I love treasure hunting?  The new lotto game Mega millions started here yesterday and we bought a couple tickets.  We always have our "discussion" after we buy a ticket and when R asked me what I would buy with I told him, not a big house, not a new sports car.  I would seriously raid the antique stores!  I swear it's becoming an addiction, the hunt, the bargain, the find.  It's like gambling lol.  So here are my Friday finds from last weekend.  Sorry I didn't post them sooner, it was a crazy busy weekend.

I went to my first estate sale.  It was really a little strange to rummage through someones home, closets, cabinets and drawers for items.  It's okay I got used to it fairly quickly!  I was on a tight budget last week but I refused to come up empty handed.  I found this amazing little hook in a box full of other misc items in the garage.  It was so pretty.  I think it will be white and tea stained and I will hang a memory board on it. Total cost $.50

I also grabbed this off of a dresser.  No price tag so I offered $1, sold =)  It will also be painted white or green or pink, still unsure as it will be sitting on my youngest daughters soon to be white dresser.  Bear is my baby's nickname in our house and she was very excited to have this to hang her princesswear on!

I found this after the estate sale.  We stopped by the closes goodwill in the pouring rain as our one last hurrah before heading home.  I am so glad I did.  This little gem sat shadeless and naked on the shelf of other reject lamps.  I pulled this shade off of another lamp and it was a match made in heaven.  Wanna guess how much I paid?  I'll tell you tomorrow ;P

Here is a close up of her curves =) And another happy day of treasure hunting.


Angie said...

Great stuff! Your right it IS addicting!! ;)

The Frugal Designer said...

love it! yep super addicting, i have been having withdrawls! i suppose i shoot take a few picso f some of my finds of the years, i cart them around from house, to house, to house, to house...maybe i move too much :()

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