12 May 2010

Tissue Paper Wreath

Okay here is your Tuesday tutorial.  Is that legal?  I can have my Tuesday tutorial on a Wednesday right?  Well since it's my blog, I'm saying let's go for it!

I found this darling wreath on another blog a while back and just knew when spring came I was going to have one on my door!  Just don't ask me where the door hanger went now.

What you'll need:
1pkg tissue paper
Wreath base
Thin floral wire
Hot glue gun

1. Here is what your wreath base will look like.  I made my own since I already had 18g wire on hand.  I used a 5gal bucket as my template.  Just wrap it around a few times and tie off on top.
2. I started out by cutting up my papers about the size of an envelope, maybe a hair bigger. Then stack them in stacks of about 6-10 papers depending on how full you want it.  I used 6 stacks for this project because it's a smaller circumference and I wanted to make sure the hole in the middle stayed open.

3. Now fold your stack back and forth like an accordion about three times like this..

4.Then individually or you can fold it in half, round off both ends so your flowers have a nice edge.

5. You will want to cut a small slit on either side of your center crease where the wire will rest.  See where my thumb is and across on the other side.  Just about a 1/4in cut all the way through.
6. Now you want to tie your wire in the center.  Twist it off and start pulling apart your flower petals.

7. Once your flower is puffed out tie it onto your wreath base and twist off.  As you get more blooms on you can slide them into place wherever you choose.

8.  When you have them all in place it will look like this.
Then just flip them over and hot glue over each metal twist to hold in place =)
I made this wreath for my mom's birthday and wanted to keep it so bad.  Now I am making one for myself only larger and I think I could be happy having one in every room of the house!


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