29 June 2010

Go get your good Karma

Okay so some believe it and some don't.  I'm a karma believer.  And these freebies I scored yesterday were definitely a sign of good karma that I was due!  My baby sister has recently had some changes in her life and we opened our home to her over the weekend.  We also moved one big ol' heavy dresser, some sofas, a queen sized bed and other misc items into our basement to make a home for her for a while until she gets back on her feet. 

Then I get an email from freecycle.org from a family moving who didn't have time to sell their unwanted items on Craig's list before their move and they needed them gone asap.  I of course saw "table, buffet..." and attacked the keyboard with my response.  Anyone who uses freecycle knows there are typically no pictures attached to these items that are being given away so I went blindly to see what I had committed to pick up *gulp*.

Well my good karma had my back this go round =)

Here is the lovely... no, gorgeous ...no, stunning dinning room table that I happily delivered to my best friend who has had her eyes peeled for a while now looking for one like it!  (To my friend... remember me)

And here is the buffet I kept for myself.  The old buffet will go into the garage for a make over with the rest of my waiting subjects and be sold in the near future.  If you want a look at the old buffet you can see it here.

She is elegant.. no, exquisite...no, she's perfect. 

Her name is... Princess Georgianna.  Why you might ask?  Because this little detail on top reminds me of a tiara and she was made in Georgia =)

Just look at that detail.  Just like a gown a princess should wear.

And finally these are her earrings hardware.  Wont they look lovely in black?


Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said...

I wish I could find such a princess!!

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