19 August 2010

My Garden

Today I thought I'd share a little of my family with you.  This is my ever growing garden family.  Since we've taken some beautiful shots this summer in preparations for the new school year when we do our annual pictures.  These are my children.  These are the reason I get up every morning.  No seriously, if it weren't for them I would sleep blissfully until at least 10am every day!  But really as much chaos as they create in my life I am truly blessed to have them.  They make me smile and frown equally so I will have matching lines on my face when I become an old woman =)

Mr Garden and my girlies

Mr Garden and "baby bear"

They were real good sports about taking these pics at the family reunion. I pleaded with them to leave the playground for "just a few shots". They must love their mommy =)

And these were our annual back to school photo's.  I just love this spot and it has become a favorite for all of us when were behind the camera and when were just playing.

So there you have it.  A little insight into my world.  I promise it's not nearly as peaceful as the pictures depict.  But it is always worth it!


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