18 August 2010

Rabecca J Salon

I've graduated!  In my clientele that is.  I have moved up from photographing children to adults yahoo!  Can I just say adults are so much fun to work with too.  When my sister came to me one evening asking if I would do a complimentary photo shoot for her salon I raised an eyebrow.  Then she mentions that I would get three free massages out of the deal and since I am really just getting started in the industry and don't have any regular clientele I thought it was a great trade for the experience and the addition to my portfolio.

I haven't done much photography this summer aside from my own kiddos so I was pumped up!  These beautiful ladies were just fantastic to photograph too.  I didn't have to run after them or make silly faces.  There were no stinky diaper breaks between locations.  I didn't have to work around nap time or lunch time.  I adore the children I photograph but for this being my first adult shoot I have to say I was pleasantly surprised after the butterflies settled down.

Here are the funky tre chic bunch of six beautiful ladies looking very much in their element.

Another group shot

I am privileged to have this beautiful girl as my sister =)  A spectator also asked if we were shooting for a magazine!  I wish!

Another photogenic diva.  She really knew how to work the camera.

I'm thinking I should sell this one to some fashion mag for sure.

This shot was actually my sisters idea.  I loved all the lines and structure around her.

Pretty girl.  The ladies at the salon were calling her Taylor Swift =)

This is the salon owner, she was such a fun person to work with.  There was nothing she wouldn't try!

Doing this shoot in ninety degree weather... we decided to splash around in the water fountain a bit.

My husband and driver for the day (he knows the streets of downtown so much better than any of us girls did) spotted this great old fashion phone booth!

My sister again.  She should really model.  But I'm kinda biast =)

She really pulls of that urban grunge/ sexy look don't you think?

We had so much fun with this mirror in front of the graffiti.  It really gave the pictures a completely new angle.

See the xoxo on mirror?  We thought it gave a fun touch to the group photo.  Some of these photo's will be published on the salons website =)

More girls having fun in the water.  It was really funny when my sister slipped and fell in!  It was only a couple feet deep and her being my sister made it even funnier haha!

Thanks ladies for this whole experience!  I had a great time and you are all so beautiful!


Angie said...

LOVE these!!!! I don't know what happened but all of the sudden I wasn't a follower????? Anyhow, I fixed that so I shouldn't miss anything else! ;)

Sommer said...

Thanks Angie. I don't what happened. It could be when I switched templates, one of the widgets freaked out lol.

The Design Confidential said...

you are really good. i love the angles in the first group shot, where their legs and bodies are positioned. fabulous composition my dear!

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