09 August 2010

The heat is on

I had a rough day today.  School just started last Friday and as we get adjusted back into the routine of getting up early, eating, homework and not being late the stress is getting to me.  This year is the first year I've had two kids in school and coupled with the fact that I quit smoking 21 days ago (yay, go me) the stress factor is definitely a ... well... factor!  It's like learning to walk all over again where stress is concerned.  Smoking was my vice and now it's gone so I'm re-learning how to cope. 

Anyhow after cleaning and organizing and yelling for the kids to pick up their things only to walk through the room and find them still laying there I finally went coo coo bananas and started throwing all their things in the trash.  There were several tears shed, even a few by me.  I did eventually fetch the items from the trash when they weren't looking and hid them in a top secret location until they can start helping out more. 

So tonight I jumped online and started blog surfing.  It's a stress reliever for me to read and look at all the inspiration out there.  The creativity gets my feng shui in the right place if you know what I mean.  I've also recently been really feeling ready for fall.  Cool breezes with light jackets at the park.  Evening bike rides with my family.  Warm tea in the evenings and baking, canning and tasting oh my!  The cooler weather, not too far off has been on my brain a lot as of late.  Partly due to the extreme heat we've had here this summer I'm sure.

So I came across these yummy little treats tonight as I was "de-stressing" and went coo coo bananas again but for a whole nother reason!  These hot chocolate sticks look like soothing chocolate ice cream to beat the heat yet they are teasing me for the cooler months ahead.  You can bet I will be making some of these to share with you.  Hot Chocolate on a Stick!

Seriously... I have so many ideas for these little baby's.  Were going to go crazy.

I can think of so many great molds to make these in!  AmberLee of Giverslog came up with these and has step by step instructions on how to make them.  If you want a guinea pig I will be making some next month to try out for holiday goodies.  So stay tuned as I spice these up garden style!

Anyone else ready to welcome the cooler weather yet?


Angie said...

Those sound delish!! It's been such weird weather here!! It's usual in the 100's and we haven't even hit 90 yet. Really strange!

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