11 August 2010

Addicted to Goodwill

"Hello... my name is Sommer and I'm addicted to Goodwill".  Whew, now that I have that load off my shoulders shall I show you what I've scored the past few days?  This will be a post of little words and lots of excitement.  Just wait until tomorrow when I show you some of the transformations that have already started taking place on these great finds.

Little terracotta pots that I plan to start an herb garden with.

Clear canisters since my old ones were solid and I got tired of peeking into each one to find what I was looking for.  There are more left I want to go back and get since I think I have more than three items I'd like to display.

Oooh I've been on the look out for jars (preferably with lids but no luck so far) to transform my daughters room with, you'll see what I mean in the coming weeks!

I couldn't resist that crackly bottom!

Um okay I've been searching for months for a mirror like this.  It was a good day =)

The detail is incredible and I'm nearly positive she's made of some sort of plaster/resin material cause she's HEAVY.  Shhh don't tell her I said that, don't want to give her a complex!

Seriously I never thought I'd be the owner of real silver lol. I am getting old.  And guess what?  I'm lovin every stinkin minute of it!! LOL

The little silver tray as you can see is already undergoing a makeover.  I will reveal soon enough.

Come back tomorrow to see what all I've transformed so far!  Hint... we had lots of fun with chalkboard paint today heehee.


Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said...

Awesome finds...especially the silver and the mirror!!!

Kirsten said...

Hey, Sommer! So nice to meet you earlier this week...I have big plans for the nightstands and just scored a coffee table from my neighbor's trash. Love the blog--let's keep in touch. Also was wondering which Goodwill you frequent...my finds at the one over on Parker Road aren't nearly as good!


Sommer said...

Kirsten thanks for stopping by! I can't wait to see your pictures of the all the tables when your finished. You can post pictures on my facebook fan page "Designer Garden" if you'd like. We'd love to see. I go to the goodwill on Broadway/County line. I seem to have pretty good luck over there. I have heard before from other friends that the Parker store isn't great. I'll let you know when we are going to get together for a "workshop"!

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