19 September 2010

Fall Is In The Air

Hello again everyone!  I wish I could be here with you today to share this post.  I've been so excited because fall is my favorite time of year.  But sadly I'm stuck here in Cancun right now.  I have such a rough life!  Anyhow I thought I would bring this post to you today so you can all be in the fall spirit right along side me when I get back! 

This is the first year I've had an "entry" way in my home.  I mean more than a little hallway that leads into the house.  So this was my opportunity to make a statement in my home.  I've been hitting goodwill like a mad woman lately and here is some of the stuff I've come up with for my fall entry.

I originally had a pretty wide mouth decorative bowl in mind.  I'm not a fan of the traditional cornucopia.  But when I couldn't find the perfect pedestal bowl I fell in love with the wire cornucopia!  Then I came across the glittery gourd fillers with pumpkins.  I stuffed some raffia in the bottom so I didn't have a glittery mess beneath.

These candle stick holders were originally brass and really quit sad looking.  After a coat of ORB and some sparkling orange candle sticks, they look perfect.
You can see my makeshift cloche to the left.  It's a work in progress trying to find the right plate for it.  The stand was also brass, $1 at a yard sale.

I've had these Halloween boxes for years now.  I don't even recall where they came from.  Probably like Hobby Lobby.  But I love that each side has a different image so you can mix them up!

If you haven't notice the mirror yet... The ornate creamy mirror just wasn't going with my fall motif so I had to do something.  I saw something similar done with a Christmas theme in a magazine so I just went for it.  I had pages of scrap book paper with fall leaves on it.  I found a leaf pattern in google search I liked.  I blew it up and traced it onto a piece of paper over my lap top screen.  Then I cut it out and used it as a template. 

After tracing as many as I could fit on a page I cut them all out and used double sided tape to place them all over the frame of the mirror!  I still think I could fill in some more but I ran out of paper ha!  It was super easy and made all the difference.  Oh and the tape is the kind you can pull off and re stick.  Not sure what it's called. 

So there you have it... My fall entry =)
(The buffet will be refinished someday... just ignore the ugly brown, it adds to the fall color scheme lol)


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