24 September 2010

Historic Little Dresser

I will restore, paint, sand and re purpose just about anything.  However this little gem is thus far the oldest piece of furniture I've gotten my hands on to date.  I was really excited when my girlfriend told me it was 1800's.  Probably mid to late century, more towards the later end.  When I picked up the "free" dresser listed as "broken" it was worse off than I thought.  Mr Garden looked a bit skeptical as did I about how much work it would need.  Normally I wont take on a project that needs a bunch of work because it costs me time.  But there was just something about this dresser calling my name.  So with the back panels missing and the drawer guides falling out we picked up all the pieces and loaded them up! Here was the dresser being carefully pieced together for the picture.  Just don't touch it or it will fall apart lol.

It sat in the garage for over a week because I started having serious doubts about restoring the pile of firewood I saw before me. One afternoon Mr Garden and I were just hanging out in the garage finishing another project when he started fiddling around with the dresser. Before I knew it we had it all pulled apart and started putting the jigsaw puzzle back together.

You can see where the previous owner used far too much glue for the drawer bottoms only to not slide them back into the tracks properly.  They will stay this way because the wood is so old and fragile it would split if we tried to take it apart.

Mr Garden scraping old glue out of the joints so we could re-glue and everything would fit flush.

The new back panel we purchased.  Made from MDF. 

Here she is all put back together and sanded, except for the drawers.  It actually made for a pretty unique look.

And now with a few coats of paint and some gentle sanding. 


oops! said...

It turned out so great! Worth the effort, for sure! It has so much character and the key holes - to die for!

Revamped French Maison said...

OH WOW!!! You definitely did a number on this dresser. I applaud you for reassembling this piece. I don't know of one furniture refinisher who would've done what you did here. I turn away pieces with broken drawers. You're impressive, talented and it turned out beautifully.


Jen.Jensen said...

Turned out great! I am glad that you didn't give up :)

Custom Comforts said...

I'm rather new at blogging and just found your blog which I am enjoying. I am a single mom who tinkers with some power tools myself, so I'm really looking forward to following along and picking up some tips and new ideas from you.

Between Blue and Yellow said...

So pretty, I'm not usually a fan of just white pieces. But I think you changed my mind:)

Sommer said...

Thank you everyone. It was really a fun piece to do.

Between Blue and Yellow- I was actually nervous to do white since it was going in my daughters room but her room is Paris themed with white pink and black and the pinks and black were taking over. I think white in small doses can really make a statement =)

Angie said...

She's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Job well done!!!!

Nicole Jennings said...

Isn't fun to restore something that looked beyond repair? You did a wonderful job!

Cindy said...

Your dresser is really lovely now!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

that is adorable! i love the curvy sides!

Steph said...

WOW. Fabulous redo/rescue . So perfect it's hard to imagine it as it was.

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