22 October 2010

Musical Wreaths

I have seen these everywhere as of late.  Now that I made my own I can see why.  I have the fever!  I want one in every room of the house.  Even though Mr.. Garden likes it, I don’t think he wants them in every room.  In fact I’m sure of it.
I went to my partner in crime girlfriends house this afternoon with the intent of reupholstering an ottoman.  When that failed (a whole other Oprah) we moved onto other productive methods of creativity.  She recently made a beautiful sheet music wreath and I wanted one.
Last weekend we hit an antique store and got a bunch of vintage sheet music books for $1 a piece! 
So I started with the ink pad antiquing the edges of the paper while she rolled them beautifully into cones.  The she pretty much took over gluing and placing all the cones into place and well… I kind of just let her!  I was more like the secretary in this project, and she was the project manager.  I sat back watching in amazement that that old tattered paper could turn into something so beautiful.
It was made for this space.  Literally.
My friend offered up this beautiful burnt orange flower for the middle and then added the sprigs of greenery.  It just made the piece!  Thank you sugar, you know who you are =)
It just couldn’t have turned out better.  Now I want to “antique” the entire house lol!  Oh dear… I fear Mr... Garden is in trouble!
If you have been wanting to make one of these I will be posting a tutorial but I forgot my camera today so I took pictures with my friends camera and I’m waiting for her to email them to me.  So if your really impatient like I am, her name is Tammy and she follows the blog lol.


Nutbird said...

I think Frou Frugal made a clock with this method, but she used hard backed comic books from the 30's. I think they were Felix the cat. She put some cats on the face of the clock. It was really great. Ann

Marilyn said...

I love that wreath. I have some music in a trunk that I've hated since forever, but kept it anyway. Now I know what to do with my Bartok!! ♥♫

I'm going to follow so I really need you to do that tutorial for me!! I'll be waiting. ;D

Musings From A French Cottage said...

I love these!! I just made one too a couple of weeks ago. They're addicting to make aren't they? Yours is beautiful and looks perfect in that spot!

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