24 October 2010

Musical Wreaths Pt II

As promised… the tutorial.

What you’ll need:
Foam board (12x12 square)
Lot’s of sheet music
Brown Ink Pad
Scotch tape
Hot glue
Silk flower of your choice

Step 1: Cut your foam board down to 12x12 if it didn’t come in that size.  Then you will draw 4 layers of circles on it like the photo below.  They don’t have to be perfectly spaced but just try to get close.  Use plates, masking tape, cups etc… to make your circles. Click photo to enlarge.

Step 2: Set aside your foam board.  Now you will start inking your pages.  You want to turn your inkpad face down and run it along each edge of your papers to make them look aged.  Here is the ink I used.
Step 3:  Now you will start rolling your music up into cones.  This technique is really based on preference so am not going to tell you how to do it.  You just want one really tight narrow and and one open loose end like a waffle cone.  Then tape it in place.  I try to tape all my loose ends toward the back of my cone.  I also make my outer ring with larger cones and my inner rings with smaller ones.  Just different size sheets is all.  It will look like this…

Step 4: Staple the bottom of the cone flat. This just helps with gluing it onto your foam board.
Step 5: Glue.  Start with your most outer ring and start aligning the tips of your cones to meet up with the first line in the circle.  Note.. this will not be the outer most line, it will be the next one in.  Start by gluing one cone at North, South, East and West.  Then disburse them as evenly as possible.  Once you get to the last of them you start noticing some gaps.  You can layer a few to fill those in before moving onto the next ring.
Step 6: Start gluing your next layer/ring of smaller cones.  You will repeat this until your pointed ends meet in the very center of your wreath.  Note… you will use less cones in each ring.  It’s hard to say how many exactly.
The picture above is still waiting for the center most ring to be completed.   Then we glue on the flower.  Here is how the layers look from the side.
To hang your wreath just take a piece of ribbon about 3-4in and loop it over and glue onto one of the back corners of your foam board.  Think of the breast cancer ribbon, it should look like that.

Here is the finished product =)  It’s up to you if you want to continue filling in cones where you see small gaps.  I also added leaves.  Enjoy!


Monika said...

hi hon, did you use just the ink to make the papers shade in diff colors, or did you use different papers to print on?


Sommer said...

Hi Monika... The pages were from different books. I have some music which was newer paper and those build the large cones around the outside. Then the smaller ones in the middle are from a Jane Eyre book that was about 70 yrs old. So the papers themselves had discoloring from age. I only inked around the edges of the pages to give it that extra patina. Hope that helps! If you need to age your pages and make them look older than they are you can do this with tea bags. Just take a large tea bag and soak in two cups water then pour it into a baking dish and lay your paper in there for about half an hour. Then dry flat and iron with a towel over top of it. It will give it that yellow/brown color.

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