23 November 2010

Cone Christmas Tree

I don’t about you but I could definitely find myself “Rockin Around” this Christmas tree!  My girlfriend made one of these recently from sheet music and some toile papers and it was so darn cute I had to make one for myself.  So this is what I like to call the lazy bloggers tutorial.  Since it’s such a simple project I’ll just guide you through as I we go along.
First you should know that I used just as many papers cut to the same size as my friend and still ran out!  So use the paper guide and just that, a guide!  You will need 5 each of 5 different patterns on 12x12 paper.  You will cut these down to 3x3’s.  Lot’s of cutting. 
Next we start rolling elf sized cones.  Perfect for the season don’t you think?!  Seriously it takes some getting the hang of but you can do it, they are tiny cones, but not impossible.  Tape them closed with invisible tape.
You will need a large cone tree made out of that brown paper mache.  Make sure you get the largest one since it’s the only one that has a base on it.  This is necessary to have the bottom layer not squish the ground beneath or show gaps around the bottom of your tree.
Now just dab that hot glue on and stick to the tree.  You will have to flatten the tips of your cones for them lay nicely, don’t worry the next row will hide it.
See! Now keep going until you reach the top!
Enjoy!!  And rock around like merry people!


Christine:) said...

LOVE THIS!! Thanks for the awesome idea:) I have a lot of Christmas scrapbooking paper just waiting to be turned into a tree....

Charity said...

Great looking tree! Thanks for coming by, I'm glad you liked the sweater pillow. it was a cute sweater, but if you check this post out, you can see why I hacked it up:


lol. Enjoy your day!

Holly Bierly Young said...

I LOVE this idea! I am always looking for things to put on our mantle! :) Visiting from Make it Yours day! ~Holly

Cassie said...

This is just fantastic!!!
Great project!!

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

Clever and creative and very elegant! I can picture this in some textured white and cream wall paper samples, too! Just love your version!

Anonymous said...

very sweet - looks completely adorable. I love objects made from pretty paper.

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