27 December 2010

Doing my Part

Hope you all had a fantabulous Christmas!  I got a little virus that kicked my butt the eve of Christmas eve.  I feel like a crap sandwich with pickles on top.  All I want to do is take down my holiday decorations that have taken over my home and have some semblance of order again.  But I'll most likely drag my sick self down to the red box and get a movie to watch while I eat left over ham and jello salad.  I have to remind myself that I have children to help out with dishes and laundry... that's why we had them yes?  Oh okay, they can watch a movie too if they want. 

Anyhow my goal this week is to get better, beat the house clutter into submission and be ready for school to start next week so I can start some new projects.  I thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas and making everything I did but I'm ready to put it away until year and start on something new.

On another note!  One my best friends in blog land is having her first give away!  If you have a hankering for some old weathered signs Tammy @ Type A Decorating is partnering with Everyday Blessings to bring you a custom sign!  I would love to win and have a sign with our family name and the established date of our anniversary.  I want to hang it over my front door =)  Please go enter, you can get up to 6 entries!!


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