02 January 2011

Powder Bath Revealed

Wow what a journey!  I'm so relieved this project is behind me yet so stinkin thrilled I accomplished this.  This was my first renovation and I couldn't be more pleased with the final outcome.  In fact if it had sand on the floors and wasn't a bathroom I'd want to spend all day everyday in this room lol. 

I started this project with a few inspirations from other photo's and blogs I had saved photo's from but no real directions as far as a theme or feel I wanted it to have when I was finished.  I think it has a beachy yet old fashioned feel to it.  There are still many many things I want to do to this room but the over all process is now complete.  And when I get to those other additions I will share them as separate posts.

Here is the before bathroom.  Ugly outdated wall paper boarder, white splotchy walls, nothing.

And here it is three weeks and a broken toe later =)

I got this little clock for a song at a garage sale last summer.  I painted and glazed it.

The framed mirror and towel rack.

My 6 yr old daughter found these darling birds at the dollar store for me!  Does she know my taste or what?

Since it started feeling kind of beachy and I had these hurricanes I grabbed a candle, some sea shells and broken colored glass to fill them.

I'm still not sure this will live here forever but once I found those birds to sit on the books it got the boot.  Literally lol.

Another cute little birdie in a cloche.

My $1 garage sale sign. Vintage soap.  Love it.

These frames have moved all over the place from the hutch to shelves to here.  Finally they fit, perfectly.

I have other plans for this wall opposite the mirror but for now it will hold this sign.

Here is a close up of my work.  I can officially say that beadboard is the biggest pain in the arse I've ever laid hands on.  But I am thrilled with the end result.

What did I learn during this project?

Do not wear flip flops while working in the garage or you may break a toe.

Make sure the guard on your miter saw is down or you may bleed.

How to make dato cuts on the router table.  This was so the trim we used would fit flush on the top of the beadboard and against the wall. 

Using the right glue to mount anything to a mirror is imperative! 

Yes those are shower curtain rods we had wedge against the mirror corners over night while the glue set.  Because I bought the wrong glue and Mr Garden wasn't really in the mood to stand there all night holding the molding up to the mirror with me =)

But every single bit was totally worth it for this...



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