10 February 2011

It's A Sad Day In Blogland

I discovered today that Jan @ Bobbypins Boardwalk is CLOSING HER BLOG!  Jan is the kindest most wonderful blogger friend.  She has always left me such uplifting supportive comments and it just always makes my day brighter when I hear from her. 

Now I don't know what her personal reasons are for closing her blog but I for one am devastated.  I don't deal well with change, well unless it's on a crusty old piece of furniture lol.  So my plea is for everyone of you to stop by her blog and bid her well or if you follow more in my footsteps, throw an ever lovin tantrum and beg her to stay!!  Because I'm totally selfish and hate to admit that regardless of what's going on behind the screen the blog can survive for my sake.  lol.  Of course that is my inner child lashing out. 

Jan we love you.  We love your work and really honestly do wish you well.  Even if I am secretly sticking my tongue out at you ;P  Please don't forget about us and stop by often!  And wait a few days to close the blog so I can go download all the cool projects!  This is me bidding you farewell as your ship sets sail and wishing you luck on all your new journeys in life.

Take care girl.  XX


Anonymous said...

I will be your very own personal stalker... Thank you for your wonderful send-off. I am going to leave my blog open with no plans to close it immediately. I will definitely bookmark this post -- especially love the picture of the little girl pouting. You, sweet Sommer, make me feel loved!

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