09 February 2011

A New Start

We got approved for the house!!  We are all ecstatic!  The kids will all have their own rooms now.  Our son will have his own private bath in his room.  There is a loft for the kids to hang out and play on the Wii and PS2 and watch movies. 

I have a new family room furniture set picked out already.  A little more modern than what I've been leaning toward lately but I feel with a few old world touches it will blend nicely for a look Mr Garden and I can both appreciate.

This is from one of those "expensive" companies online but I found a similar set on Craigs list with the sofa, love seat and all the end tables and coffee table for only $500!

Then I'm hoping to achieve a look similar to this in the front room.  A soft, welcoming, open and airy feeling with a little shabby and lots of chic!

I adore this little round table with the chunky legs.  Too bad I don't feel that way about my chunky legs lol.

We also have a HUGE office.  So I plan to find a set up that works both for Mr Gardens computer and my sewing machine/craft stuff.  I would love to have this set up in the back corner of the room where the windows are on both walls for the natural light.

Then put this computer desk on the opposite wall for contrast where the door leads into the room.

Oh and just don't get me started on all the little finishing touches I've found at Hobby Lobby that are screaming my name!  Like some smokin hot matching lamps for my bedside tables and bunches of old barn looking items for the tops of the cabinets etc...

Moving is so stressful... but so much fun!



Colleen said...

How exciting for you! New digs and a fresh start, a blank slate - what more could you ask for? Could you post the source for the yummy image of the white sofa and the small step-ladder end table? Thanks!

Sommer said...

Hi Colleen! The images are all PB of course lol. I'm just tad obsessed with their decore. I have a little step ladder like that but it's lime green and I never thought about using it this way until you pointed it out. I think it will be getting a new paint job now! Thanks!

Colleen said...

Thanks Sommer! The wall decor in that pic is amazingly unique. I'll check PB's site to see if I can get a closer view. I think the floor lamps ruin the whole vignette, though. I'm definitely going to stay tuned to see how you replicate this front room for your new home :)

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