07 February 2011

Meatballs & Houses

This post is going to be a wild ride of happenings in my life right now.  If roller coasters make you dizzy you might want to proceed with caution because all this makes my head spin a little.  You hereby waive the right to hold me liable for any exorcist style clean ups.

Okay first of all I completed my short round of HCG last Thursday and have proceeded into P3 with much success.  I’m holding steady at my last injection weight of 158lbs and have successfully added in several new foods like eggs, cheese, full cream in my coffee and a few other make my palate happy things.

I have to thank my hubby for making his famous salsa for me.  We have everything to make more now that I polished it off in a week lol.  Honey if your reading… that’s a hint hint!



Then the other night I made these Bacon meatball croquets… First time and they were BOMBalicious! lol. They are in the P3 cookbook you can find the link at the top of my page!




Delish Right?


Okay so moving right along.  We found a house!  It’s not ours yet but we have a great dynamic with the owner and have continued to exchange several very positive emails while waiting for out application to check out.  He has said

“Thank you very much for you and your family to give me the opportunity to show you the rental property. I hope it will be your home.   I am hoping we can get the application process done in a few days so we both can leave this house renting thing behind .

Thank you, your wife and two little beautiful girls again,


He also went on in another email to say

Robb, I told my wife about your family and both of us like you family very much. Your two little girls are so beautiful and gorgeous. Per what we have known each other so far, I will consider myself lucky to have your family as tenants.

Down the road, you will find that I am a hard working, easy going, flexible person. I believe we can build up very good relation between us.

Since you have perfect rental history and employment history, if you file the application, I don't see any reasons that I will not  approve it pretty soon. Just need to go through some routine checking processing.

I am excited and look forward to hearing from you.

Take care and thank you and your family again,



Wanna see pictures?  Well I was so excited to go check it out I forgot my camera!  But I have a few from the add.

The front.  And we face south!  In a snowy state this is important for good snow melt!  The less shoveling I have to do… the BETTER!

Outside Front

This is from the entry looking right into the formal dining room.  There is the butlers entry to the kitchen back there as well.  

Formal dining

Here is the outdated 1994 country kitchen lol.  The exciting thing is that we told him about our MAD DIY skills and he is interested in discussing having us install a beautiful tile backsplash and he’ll knock it off the rent!

1994 kitchen

And our amazing views from the back yard.  We have a neighbor on only one side.  The other side and back of the house are all open space with bike trails.

backyard views


Next post… Packing = Purging.



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