07 February 2011

Moving Madness

If you read my last post you know we found a house we love and have great chemistry with the owner. 

Outside Front

Which brings us to this point.  Our move date would be the weekend of Feb 26th-27th.  That’s a little less than three weeks from now!  Throw into the mix, three kids, a husband who works 60+ hours a week and my little sister who has been living with us for 9 months.  We are taking my sisters things with us to store in the garage until she gets the keys to her new apartment March 7th.

I can say that it’s awesome having older kids in the house though.  I have my minions children taking boxes here and there, moving couch cushions, carrying around garbage bags.  They are soooo helpful and I’m so grateful I don’t have a little infant crying in the mix.

This once empty space…


Now has three sofas in it and piles of crap…

The living room now has the office desk, my sewing and craft desk, three sofas, two trunks, a shelving unit, some chairs and a cat house.  You have to do a little dance just to get to the kitchen lol.

That doesn’t even include my dining room…

And I have this little corner of organized boxes which I’m desperately seeking for the rest of this mayhem.

Last but not least… Our Parents of the Year award was presented to us this weekend by our youngest daughter.  “Look at my necklace Daddy!”

That would be a Nintendo DS charger wrapped around her throat.  I guess she was bored moving things around and needed some attention from her two busy parents!  Way to go mom and dad!
I’m hoping to get back over the new place to take some pictures this week.  So keep your eyes peeled.



Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

oh don't feel bad.... sawyer once had a computer cord wrapped around emmy's neck. he was only 2 and didn't know what he was doing, but oh man!!!! we've all been there!
and good luck with everything- it will all work out.

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