31 March 2011

What I've Been Up To

I've been so busy trying to get this bathroom finished I've neglected the world.  I should have probably just brought an inflatable mattress into the bathroom and called it home the past three weeks.  But the good news is.... It's FINISHED!  The bad news is that I'm not revealing until Saturday muahahaha. 

Here is why.  I have a few things I want to update you on.  Tomorrow is the VIP party and don't want that to trump the big reveal.  I also have just a few finishing touches I need to run to Target and get before I can really be finished and the lighting this time of day is horrible in there so I have to wait until this afternoon for photo's.  Those are my reasons and I'm stickin to them!

SO.... what have I been up to? 

I bought my first Purdy!  I'll tell you more about it during the reveal but I will say after months of hesitation with the prices I wasn't disappointed =)

Mr Garden and I organized the garage!  My shop is functional now.  I think the broken toe motivated to help me get it under control out there lol.
Here is my paint station.  All my paints, stains, rags, gloves and of course the stereo =)  Can't work without some tunes.

My old old ass compressor that my daddy gave me.  It leaks, it's overly noisy but it does the job.  And my new router table.  I learned how to use it during this project too =)

My make shift work bench.  Two saw horses and some plywood.  Hey it works and I'm short at 5'2 so it's just my height =P  See there... the trim for the mirror is drying!

The peg board Mr Garden installed to keep me all organized!  Okay well I'm sure he'll get some use out of it too lol.
Do you spy what I spy?  Those lovely bar stools you say?  Why yes, I did get them from the same neighbor who left the lovely wingback chair on the curb for me!  How did you guess?  They are my next victim.

This is the scary part.  Projects of craftiness past.  Waiting patiently for me to bring them back to life.  A refrigerator I'm desperate to sell to make space.  A bunch of old doors, windows, lead glass oh my!  This is what I call the holding tank.  The path out is just big enough to wheel the garbage can through =P

And just as the broken toe healed I got into a fight with a miter saw...

It's all good.  I won.



♥ Miss Tea said...

I cant wait to see the BIG reveal!! it seems like you're a woman with BIG tools hehehe i wish i had all the equipments you got there! thank goodness that you've won the fight with the miter saw :) but i do hope nothing else happen to you!!! x Susan

Fiona said...

OMG Sommer! I feel sick hust looking at your fingers. Thank god you didn't lose any. Looking forward to seeing your bathroom reveal
cheers Fiona

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Geez! Be careful, Lady! Looking forward to seeing the finished project!

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