08 June 2011

Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite!

This post brought to you by Mosquito Magnet. All opinions are 100% mine.

Every year I so look forward to the warm weather.  After months of shoveling snow and being couped up in the house I'm ready to shed those extra layers and soak up the sun. 

One the best parts of  our summer is spending long evenings outside on the patio with the grill fired up, friends and family, good food and mosquitos.  Wait did I say mosquitos?  Yep!  Sure did.  Because that is the one part of late night s'mores adventures I often forget about.

Without fail every summer we end up being eaten alive by the little buggers.  And what once was a pleasant summer evening ends up being a pink spotted fashion disaster.  I swear there is nothing worse than scratching all hours of the night.  Not to mention I'm slightly phobic about the diseases these little creatures pass along. 

This is until now.  I found out about this incredible device called the Mosquito Magnet.    I had heard of this before but thought of it as just another pocket clip on waste your money type gimmick.  So after seeing a commercial recently I did some homework.

I looked it up on YouTube.  I checked out the reviews on Amazon.  It looks like a great product.  From what I can tell it's best suited for areas with high density mosquito populations.  It also says it protects for up to an entire acre.

The only downfall I can really see is that it runs on a propane tank so depending on how often you choose to run it, it could become costly in the long run.  But for the people who choose to spend lot's of time outside this could definitely be a life saver or at the very least and itch reducer!

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