08 July 2011

VIP Party #20

Welcome to this weeks V.I.P. party where you can share your Visually.Inspiring.Projects and brag your little hearts out! Thanks to everyone who participated last week and continue to grace us with your projects.  The party is only as successful as it’s partiers!

I’m sorry for my continued absence this summer.  Were having so much fun it nearly took me by surprise! I have a few projects I’ve done and would like to share with you this next week along with my littlest daughters Tinkerbelle party we threw.  Hopefully in a few short weeks once were back in our school routines I will be back on track.  Until then it is my goal to at least have the weekly party up and running.

Each week I will choose one (or two) VIP's to feature at the next weeks party. So let's make this short and sweet and get to the rules...

Rule # 1... There are no rules!

I have a few un-rules (as in un-official) if you don't mind humoring me...

1. If you want to follow the blog, I wont stop you. This also makes it easier for you to find the party next week!
2. If you want to link back, you know what to do.
3. Party Like A Rock Star!

Since I haven’t posted any new material as of late I will be skipping highlights this week to bring you a little 4th of July dessert I whipped up =)  I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!


Red velvet cupcakes with colored frosting.  My girls and I made the pinwheels and attached them to popsicle sticks.  They flew off the stand at the party we attended =)





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