27 July 2011

Change Can Be Good

After a long summer and a very neglected blog I’m back!  I just missed you all so much and was so totally gracious to see that even though I was tied up with three children to a buoy in the pool all summer a few new followers still joined the Designer Garden bandwagon!  Thanks to you all and welcome!

The good the bad and the ugly is that the kids start school again next week. Hooray!  But my youngest starts kindergarten.  My last baby grew up this summer and is leaving the nest two and a half days a week.   It’s bittersweet really. 


Now I have two whole days a week to refinish furniture and maybe take a photography class, do some shopping etc.

Speaking of shopping.  IKEA just opened in my neighborhood this morning about 37 minutes ago! 


I wont be going to the grand opening.  People have been trampled to death for much less.  Hello, remember tickle me Elmo?!  But I might do a drive by here in a bit and watch the madness while I sip on my diet Dr Pepper.  Watch for a “People Of Ikea” post shortly ;P

Here’s another little piece of change in the world that I got to get up close and personal with this past weekend.  My first newborn photo shoot.  And this little guy was so precious, I couldn’t get enough.








And now off to the dentist!  The one thing I really wish I could change right about now, sigh.



Tammy @ Type A said...

about time you did a post! lol love it. the baby is adorable. i love the pic of his feet with their rings. so cute. i'll go with you, we can take the pic of ikea people together, saftey in numbers! lol

Kristina said...

I'm excited about the new Ikea, but I'm right with you...not going until things calm down. Way down.

Love the heart/feet picture.

Kristie-Creating Chaos said...

Glad to see you again! I adore the new baby pics. The toe rings pic is precious!

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