11 October 2011

Meet The Vintage Farmhouse Week #1

Hello Designer Garden readers!  I’m Nicki from The Vintage Farmhouse.
These are fun little bags made from vintage book pages and can be customized for any holiday.
I've made mine for Halloween.
You will need:
A book {vintage or new, it doesn't really matter though I prefer the vintage books that are in need of rescue}
A bottle of Elmer's Glue
A stamp of your choice {I purchased this cute little stamp from Michael's craft store for only $1.00}
Ink Pad
Glitter is optional but FUN!
Each bags takes two pages, so go ahead and rip those bad boys out! You won't feel as guilty about destroying a book if you use an old one that has seen better days.
Fold the bottom and sides of each page inwards, where the margin meets the writing.
Now add your glue around the folded edges. Not a whole bunch just a thin line.
Set one page on top of the other and place between a couple of heavy books until they dry.
Once they are dry here comes the fun part.....
Use your stamp on the front, and if you decide to glitter, add a little more glue around whatever part you like and glitter away till your heart is content! {I ♥ Glitter}
These can be made in different sizes. If you would like to make a smaller one just use one page and in half.


Thank you Nicki for such a fun and simple tutorial!  These would be great for handing out goodies at school =)



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